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Xbox mod Idea

I have a xbox that for what ever reason I am having issues with (Primarily the drive doesn't read correct). So my question is would it be possible to remove my Xbox from the standard case and attach the HD into a standard computer tower, attach it to the motherboard, and run the games through standard DVD drive in my computer? Any suggestions? I have 3 spare computers that I could do this on with out using any of the primary 3 towers that are in use. But I.m wanting to see if I can find any info before I try the mod.
Please note that I am NOT trying to put a xbox into a computer tower. I AM trying to attach a Xbox HD to a computer motherboard/dvdrom drive to play Xbox games through a standard computer.

Thanks in advance for any input.

PS for anyone wondering why I would want to pull up my orig. Xbox its because I have prob close to 4K in games that are on the verge of becoming coasters. which would be a shame since I still play my atari games now and then.

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