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Originally Posted by raphael2040 View Post
Two words.

Err.............that's one word, and less you pronounce it with a southern drawl......

The info I've been seeing on the Phenom II indicates that for most things, it's in the ball park of the Core2. While that's a definite improvement, it's not a game changer, and compared to the Core i7, it seems to still be lagging significantly.

In addition to that, the Deneb cores are larger than the Penryn cores (used in the Core2Quads from Intel), but sell for slightly less. Finally, the Phenom II is still relatively power hungry compared to the Intel offerings.

In other words, AMD are having to target the value-conscious crowd, but are doing so by having a part that (at least on the surface) appears more expensive to manufacture than the competitors part. Now, it may be that AMD's yields on these new parts are better than Intel's yields, but I would tend to doubt that. Intel have been in the manufacturing business a long time too.

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