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Originally Posted by Pitch View Post
I don't think this is going to work. Firstly, the Xbox OS is not going to recognise your CPU, GPU etc. Secondly, all hardware on the xbox has a uinque key which must match the key stored on the HDD (anyone thats had to swap out a DVD drive or HDD from the Xbox will remember what a pain this is).
Originally Posted by Áedán View Post
As Pitch says, there are substantial hardware differences between the XBox and any PC you have, including some security features that are implemented on the XBox, but not on a PC. As such, you're not going to have much luck I'm afraid - even XBox emulators seem to be pretty thin on the ground.

You'd be much better off just finding an Xbox emulator for your PC (if there's one available), because the end results will be exactly the same.

PC and Xbox hardware configuration is different, so there's pretty much no chance of this working.

In fairness, if you have 4K of games, you could just try replacing the drive, or get another Xbox? They don't cost much these days.
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