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I want to go for 4.5G but I 'm a little nervous about it. Is it time to start morking on the memory? Just what will that do And which way do I go with it and why?
The G.Skills are rated CL4-4-4-12 1.8v~1.9v.
The bios sets it at CL5-5-5-15 2T. I've basicly left it alone except to raise the volts to 2.025v. So far 4.05 is stable. I put the shaders back to default on the video and that seems to have cured any problem. Ran Prime95 in a couple of different setups ( not long enough to be possitive, but will try for that tonite.)
I've been running ORTHO for about an hour with folding on and temps are 48-49c.

This is my set for 4.05Ghz.
Cpu Multy: x9
PCI-e: 100mhz
spp-mcp refclock 200mhz
HF Multi: both set for 5x
spread spectrums: all dissabled

FSB & Memory
FSB mem clock unlinked
FSB mhz: 1800mhz
mem: 800hz
mem timeings: what the bios wants them to be
not there rated cl4-4-4-12

SYS Volts
CPU Core: 1.336v
CPU FSB: 1.3v
Mem: 2.025v
SPP: 1.4v
MCP: 1.6v

Any improvements I can make? Gotta be!
AOA Team fah

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