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Back to your original question, I suppose the choice rather depends on your design philosophy, but there are some things to consider:

A cooler that goes from the front to back of the case is going to generally tend to work with the natural airflow pattern in most cases, where the fan that goes toward the side of the case will tend to disrupt the airflow.

A fan that pulls from the side of the case and blows down onto the cooler is going to tend to pull cooler air from the side case panel (indeed, many cases are designed with this in mind, even to the extent of a special duct for that purpose). In addition, the transistors for the CPU vreg will generally be located in that area, and will benefit from the airflow of the exhaust off the heatsink being blown down onto the board. One of the biggest reasons that CPU overclocks become unstable is because the vreg capacitors dry out, and a big portion of that problem comes from the caps running hot, owing to the fact that the water block the typical OCer fits to the CPU doesn't allow for any airflow across the vreg to cool it (no fan).
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