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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
I'd go along with what Aedan says. I would suspect the memory in that board. I have run two of then for a long time now (#3-4 in my signature) and I can tell you they are VERY TOUCHY when it comes to memory. When I say I'd suspect the memory, I don't necessarily mean that the memory is bad; it's just that the A8N doesn't agree with it.

Best way to troubleshoot that board is the barebones setup; everything at defaults in the BIOS and one stick of memory in the first slot. Do the BIOS clear-remove the CMOS batt-power down-pray to the mobo gods thing. It likes when you do that.

volsnap is some kind of shadow volume driver and although I'm sure someone else can tell you a lot more than I can, it is probably related to hardware and not software.

There was a 200+page thread at Hardware Analysis Forums when the A8N was really trendy- if you have the patience you could find some useful info there. Also, you might try my friends at ASUS Independent Forums - if you are lucky you can get a guy with the handle Merc. He's just about the best around on that particular board, and was heavily involved in the legendary Hardware Analysis thread:

Even if you don't find what you are looking for, that thread is the recognized authority for running this board. It was and is a great mainboard but is famous for being very bitchy with certain hardware variations, especially memory.
Thanks, I was thinking along the same lines myself, and I checked the manual and my RAM isn't on the list of vendors it supplies. I was using some cheap crap just to see if the board will work. I'll go hit up those sites to find the best RAM to use and go from there.

Thanks for your help, I'll post back if I get it sorted.
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