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Some incorrect facts in that report....

30-plus mobile device manufacturers from around the world, found these vendors are getting hit with more malware attacks than ever before. As a result, they are spending more money on recovering from them.
Can you think of 30 plus mobile device manufacturers? Why are the vendors being hit by malware attacks, if they're only producing them? That'd be like claiming things are getting bad because Dell, IBM etc were being hit by malware attacks.

Beselo spreads via Bluetooth and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) and goes after all smartphones, according to AdaptiveMobile.
It doesn't go after all smartphones. It is only executable on Series 60 second edition platforms. It won't run on Windows Mobile, Series 60 first edition, third edition or fifth edition, or UIQ. Even McAfee only rate it as a low risk...

Someone trying to drum up some business perhaps?
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