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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
I've been waiting for you two to bounce temps around for a bit befor jumping in. Just tonie got my side pane on. some case fans arnen't cinnected. So I'll take at least a day, probly 2 before I can get to somm seriouse testing. My $35 cooler is going to surprise one ove you a lot, Muff!n already has a clue. Get ready boys. the big cooler is comming to town!
Nah, you cooler's performance won't surprise me at all because it's the 3rd from the top of the comparison list on performance beating out the Thermalright Ultra 120 (5th) & my Zalman cooler (20th)!

EVGA GTX 470 SC 37% OC (855/1710/2004) 160.5Gbs
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