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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
I just got my panel installed last night,to see whaat my temps would be with the case incloses. It's hitting round 49 to 53c with 2 F@H cliints running. Not good, I could do that passive!

Your system and mine are simularbut diferent enough to msake t more interereting, finding our way up- I'm shooting for 4.50Ghz on air and am goin from my methods.which will get me to 4.05Ghz real quick. There is a brickwall right there that means a lot of leanining needs to br done. Damn TR and his black heart!

I thought hat if we want ti work on this together, with Muff!n okeing his nose in as much a spossible! We should sync up on temp monitors. Outright, I dont trust SpeedFAN.
Link to the one I use the most. It's free.
and Everest v4.55.01330 it has a fre vesion also
So if you want to take a ride with somemone who does't know how he is going to get wher he is going, but is going to get there-Just a small warning I'll proply take 3 weeks-mabea month-I can't afford ner parts!
The main thing with air cooling PPM is having a nice unobstructed path for the air to inter & exit.
Its as simple as that.
Taking note on how much air it going in as well as how much air is going out. You want to keep this as even as possible.
I only have 1 intake fan & that's used to cool the HDs but that's it. The rest are all exhaust fans, but I have big open screens in front on the empty drive bays to let the air in.
I also removed all the screen filters which obstructed the airflow.
I just take the time to blow the dust out every 2 weeks or so.

Side fans in general don't help cooling & do the opposite by creating turbulence with the front to back airflow.
So I'd stay away from that all together unless that's the only way you can get cool air into the case.

That's really all the advise I can give you PPM on this...

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