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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
When I first modded this case. 1995?. I set it up to get a clean flow with, if I remember right--a 15 to 20 CF + flow.
I have a hodge podge set of fans now but for different reasons. I have some experimenting as to pro or con. They can be unplugged at any time!
I want as much air flow-with the least turbulence with a + airflow of at least 10. Then there is the heat and bulk of the video card. I didn't have to deal with that before!
Where your help will be needed is once I get the fans set the way I want-get at least a week of study in on memory and voltages and bios settings for this board-and with help-it's 4.50Ghz.
Think I had given up? That is one thing about being a hack-if you don't make it--back up and let go for a while, and when ya come back it's with a whole new view point. I'm going to make 4.50G on air. no tricks nothing but how i put my box together and th parts I chose to by and the method I chose to get there.

And a little help from my friends!!!
I appreciate your confidence in me Mike, but I really don't think I'm the one to help you to get to 4.50GHz with my limited OCing knowledge...
I can't even get to 3.6GHz stable...

The one I would ask is the one that has been there with this CPU with a similar system build!

Weldzilla is the one I'd go to & look at this thread again for OCing the E8400 to those speeds & faster on AIR!
Btw, he used 1.6v to get there to give you an idea on the vcore used.

P5KE-Wifi + Wolfdale = Incredible!!!

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