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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
I tried the new drivers, down 200 points!
BTW-There is a new Drive Sweeper for Vista x64. It,s a beta at 3D guru.

EDIT: no pics-for got I took screenshoots off startup.
Panel mod is over-for the most part-take a look in case mods!
Strange why your score would go down instead of up...hmm.

I use Driver Cleaner to clean up in between graphics driver installations & I took a look at your case project.
Good job! Too bad you can't have your CPU heatsink/fan blowing horizontally to the back exhaust fan instead of vertically to the top.
I think that would take the temps down by about 2-5c & would have been the main reason I would have bought a new case for the new system's HW.

I think you'd LOVE the Antec 900 with all it's cooling fans & TONS of room inside!!!
Its also 100 bucks now at Newegg!
(Free shipping today promo code EMCLNNR22)

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