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Originally Posted by thewonderdude View Post
i just changed the fan speed of the cpu fan just to tryThe thing i dont understand is, if its so dangerous why were there no warnings while using the program and why is my graphics card's fan working at %100 and is not responding.
The fan control profile is written directly into the BIOS on many cards. In other words, there are sensors that detect the core temperature, and the card changes its fan speed in relation to the temp, hotter=faster. The trigger points of this profile are stored in the BIOS, and can be changed on some cards by a flashing tool like NbitOr. However, not all cards can be modded this way. Do some reading on low-level and driver-level fan control; there's not enough space here.

Were you sure your card was in the group that could be?

As for the dangers involved, it is *usually* made quite clear that a firmware flash of any kind has inherent dangers. That could be to a mainboard, vid card, cell phone, modem, or whatever. Make sure that you have a good power source, too. For instance, flashing your BIOS in a thunderstorm out in God's country isn't a good idea - if that power line *happens* to go down.
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