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New Wolfdale System Build

My current system is getting a bit long in the tooth now and I'm considering building a new computer this year to replace it.

I've been looking at building a new system based around the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 'Wolfdale' 3.00GHz cpu but its going to depend on how much the other components cost that match up to this whether I'd be able to afford or if I'd have to consider something less expensive, maybe an AMD Phenom II X3 2.8GHz instead or a cheaper Intel or AMD chip. I think my main criteria is going for higher Ghz rating over number of cores and ability to overclock a decent amount.

Can anyone tell me what other components you'd recommend to match up with the 3.0 Ghz Wolfdale? What Mobo and memory would you recommend? And how many Ghz's should you be able to overclock this chip to (non-watercooled) while maintaining stability?

Thanks for your help,

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