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I have mixed feelings about recomending my setup.
Onn the pro side: This set up will more than meet your OC needs. Withe just 2 bios changes she runs happy at 3.87G, smoothe and stable. The board has developed a problem in the 1st memory slot & it can't be used ay more, but I just moved the 2x2g sticks to the 2nd banks and it's running the 3.87g as before. it realy is a sweet board.
I am a bit behind in the benchmarks. I'm not to fanitical about it but I'm happu with them.
Check out the cooler-ranks 3rd but costs a lot less, just make sure it will fit in your case! It's big!
Good luck and you'll get some more recommendations by others that are more qualified than I. Just giveing you my E8400 Wolfdale setup. it's all in the sig.
AOA Team fah

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