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I know there may be subtle difference in projects and a direct comparison would be more accurate. I will say that the dual-2665= 37:37/frame or 759.21ppd. a 2665 on one quad= 26:42/frame or 8o4.12ppd. it is currently increasing in speed. the #2 quad=26:05/frame or 874+ ppd. there must be something wrong, somewhere.
let me assure you, on some things that require more than knowing what a cpu looks like, I miss out on the details. so; a single core cpu @ 100% has it's single core running @ 100%. a dual @ 100% has 50% on each core, and I wounder why not 100% on each core. which leads me to the quad core. my guess is that 2 or 4 cores = 1 cpu @ 100% making each core worth 50% or 25%. the blank stare on my face must be priceless.

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