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SLI Question

Whe i first got the EVGA 780i SLI, I heard something about if you only had one PCI=e card it had to go in the first slot.
The 790i came with aftermarket heatsinks that may be good but I had to reverse them and shoe horn them in with my CPU HSF. I wasn't real happy with the install but I was to busy to check everything and even Oc'ed the CPU and Gpu were running cool.
Yesterday I loaded everest and motherboard temp was 114c.
Everest didnt recoognise the board so i let it collect info and that might be where the temp comes from.
Any way, I've been working since 5 this am to get the two Active chipset coollers installed the way the are intended buy no one had ever seen my HSF before.. I'll posa couple of pics. But even with all that work, the only way I can make it work is go to the orribinal Chipset HSF, or put my 9800GT into the second PCI-e slot. It's to lat for me to tackel that problem-I've got a FX5200 PCI in in here now.
Any one know how to make a PCI-E card worke in the 2nd slot by it self?

The first is the oem chipset cooling system. The other two are aftermarket HSF directly for the chipsets, There are also 3 passive Heatsinks.

It all means I Can't jam it all into the space allowed and make it eeffective unless I can move the vid card to slot #2.
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