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Raid 0

is this the best way to go for a gaming system?

i have read alot and believe this is the way to go, but for as many questions i have answered, more comes up.

and how many drives? lets say i have 2 velociraptor 150gb drives. in RAID 0 does this equal 300gb?

and with the "new" 300gb drive out, 2 of them would net me 600gb?

right now i have a 500gb WD green (bought wrong one on accident) and well i drive big trucks, and hummvees, so im not really "green" if you know what i mean.

id go the SSD route, but the price is still too much for fun.

i have a 1.5tb as a back up drive.

any suggestions?

e8400 @3.6-4.0, EVGA 780i, 4Gb Corsair Dominator, Antec 900 Zalman 9500, GTX280, 26" LCD, 750w Thermaltake, SSD-raid0, windows 7, 1.5Tb back up
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