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This would be a real score but this is the AMD thread!
Hit the Thrift store on the way back from the back surgeons -he cut me loose!-and I find a mid tower with a sticker that says $7.95 won't boot. I look in the back and is got ethernet, sound card, dual vga and s-video out videocard.
In front is a DVD Burner and a zip drive. I can't lose for $8. Bring it home and it doesn't even beep.
Asus A7M266 motherboard. Aftermarket dual fan orb HSF, a chipset fan,
20Gb WD HD. only 128Mb pc2100 but I have some Kingson 256Mb PC2100.
I download the manual and strip it down to nothing-I just don't take the board out. Now i start looking. I remove the battery and chk all the dip switces and pins.
The first thing i notice is the speaker is off one pin. a good reason for no beep. i put a stick of memory in and power up and it beeps. I install the minumum. Video, HD and ethernet. mouse & keyboard. power up and now i'm getting some beeps-one long beep-3 short. Video.
After trying a couple cards-I looked at the AGP slot with a mag glass. Someone had stuck a little gum in the slot. Sabotage!
Video doesn't work and no bios beep=dead computer so daddy will by a new one is my guess.
Any now, I have an AMD 750 that has win 98 that doesn't have any ethernet drivers and I no longer have a 98 CD-all for $8.
The only way to beat that woud be if it was Intel!
AOA Team fah

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