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The HTPS3 Project

Project Name: HTPS3 Project

Recently, I've been thinking about building a HTPC for our living room downstairs for the Summer. My family watch a lot of movies and me and my brother
watch a decent amount of TV shows. During these hard economic times, where our student loan has been completely spent, banks are lending money that they don't have
and our MP's are stealing all our money, such a project is going to hit anyone financially. Unless, of course, you utilise hardware you already have.

The plan:

Utilise my spare PS3. Simple. The plan would be to install Linux on a partition on the PS3 and then install either Boxee or GeeXboX, then
purchase any additional hardware as required (most notably, a media remote).

The downside is that, at the moment, I see no possible way to include DVR as part of this home theatre. The upside is, with any luck and if I can get it to work,
this home theatre may be able to use the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player to play Blu-Ray movies.

I know there will be a fair amount of people from the depths of the internet stumbling across this thread, so I'm going to document everything
I do on here with pictures and a write-up.

Please feel free to post any questions/comments/advice here. I want to get people's ideas about this project before I go into it full force,
so don't be afraid to throw some ideas my way!

The Project Starts Soon
OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3-1600
750W Corsair CMPSU-750TX
Intel Core i7 920 (Bloomfield) o/ced 4.03Ghz
ATI Sapphire Radeon 4850 w/ Accelero Twin Turbo Cooler
All housed in a Thermaltake Tai Chi Case with lots of silent fans.

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