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Originally Posted by Samuknow View Post
I guess I expected something different that vista. They changed a few things but it is same same to me. Except that some things did not work at all and it did in vista. The only reason I am irritated is that i bought into the hype. I have tried several reinstalls and Nada. I even set my system to stock, just wrong in itself, and it did not help. Yes it booted quicker and it installed fast. Two games would not work in SLI and what is the point of having two cards, short of folding, if I can't game in SLI?
I'm sure between MS & the game maker this issue will be fixed on the final release.
Btw, are you talking about the beta or the RC release as the RC release has 2000 fixes in it.
For me this RC has been rock solid stable with very good performance all the way around.

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