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Originally Posted by Samuknow View Post
Mine reads FF when running fine.

Did you run it before putting it in the case. (so to speak). Make sure nothing is shorted on the back. (standoff)
It was running in my tower so I just put on the aftermarket chipset coolers and put it on the tray before I put any power to it.
My communications agian. I stripped it all down, to install coolig system and to apply Arctic Silver Ceramaque to all. Then I put it on the tray.
This AM, I decided to do the right proper test bench-no difference so I pulled the CPU and it looks like there are 2 pins in the socket that are bent. Even with a magnifying glass I can't be sure but those two (side-by-side) shine different than all the rest! my evil twin will bet a buck that is it.
I pulled the HSF & CPU and installed it in the 780I SLI MCP and PetCarrier ll is running right now-It's not complete-PSU isn't fasened down yet. I don't have the switches installed and the DVD needs to bee fastend perment.
Next month I'll take the 790i down to the jewlers and have them take a look at the socket and see if that is it-gotta be-would something loke that destroy the board? Didn't hurt anything els as I can tell.
I did a quick install of XP so I could get to my WIN 7 .ISO-I've got to do a little temp reading but I'll be folding by 0-dark-30!

The mod looks good! The batteries should be charged enough so I can take a few shots. I'll post them in the regular thread.
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