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Where do I start?


I found a guide for overclocking 720 be: | Guide - Overclocking AMD's Phenom II X3 720 BE

It said where you sould keep the voltage and describe the Bios setting. But I doesn't answer all my questions...

There is my configuration:

720 BE
MSI 790fx-gd70
Corsair 2X2G xms3 hx ddr3-1333
XSPC h2o watercooling kit (1X120mm rad,400lph pump with xspc block)
HAF 932 case

I would Like to overclock my Cpu and memory.

The thing is, where do I start?
Previously I got a p4, so all I needed to do was pushing Vcore until it was stable... (likely ^^)

Now I got (As you already know ^^) tremendous amount of setting that I could change.
Where do I start?

Witch do I push first? Witch do I push in second? I have played with it a little bit, and I found that cpu vvd voltage and cpu Voltage are related:
CPU vdd voltage ?
CPU-nb vdd voltage ?
CPU voltage ?
CPU-nb voltage ?
CPU pll voltage ?

I already played with the voltage and I was able to go to 3,7 ghz. But god damn I am just increasing voltage all at once. This is easy, but I need more information about where to start and how to do it step by step.

Second, How do you Isolate the componement when overclocking?
Could I overclock my mem first or do I really need to overclock my CPu first?

When overclocking my memory, do I need to increase the voltage to the cpu mem controller too?

Why does it help to overclock the northbridge when you have an unlocked cpu multiplier?

As you can see I got many question, but I don't expect that you will be able to answer all of them...
Maybe yes?
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