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Hi again

Afther a bunch of test, there are the results:

I am stable at 3,7 ghz at 6-6-5-15-15-1T (sorry I forgot don't remember the voltage, nothing more that 1,50 volts Vcore)

I boot at 3,8 ghz it pass Cinebench but doesn't pass OCCT ; I didn't tryed 3,9 simply because I wasn't able to go stabilize it because the temps just go crazy (50 deg) and shut down... I lowered the memory timing, switched to 1066... There is nothing to do (I didn't wanted to pass 1,52 vcore seeing the temps).
I am sure that my little watercooling bottleneck me. But It allow me to run at 3,6 ghz @ 6-6-5-15-15-1T BELOW Amd maximum voltage specification (Vcore 1,42).

I am quite satisfied at the moment, quite learned alot from this experience.
I need to overclock the northbrige now, I will post results soon. I will afther that I will try to rafine/polish the voltage.
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