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I guess the spirit of linux isn't what it used to be. Can't believe there hasn't been anyone at least try to help. While I don't remember making the decision to stay away from experimental features and patchsets, I do remember using quite a few of them a few years back, I'm wondering if not being able to get help was one of the reasons I left it for dead.

I do remember being kicked from plenty of forums for speaking my mind about their paticular community. I would be especially upset when I would post in a thread as the new guy and it was like my post wasn't even there as the thread continued or treated as a noob when the things I had already tried were for more advanced than the suggestions being made.

I've downloaded the sources and the RT patch to my backup rig. I will install it tomorrow night using as much of your config as I can. I can come close but it will be a core2 instead of amd64. Only amd64 rig I have left is the dual opty rig I run my business on so can't go playing with that..
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