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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
Finished building the kernel with the default configuration after patching, and tried it out.

The client went directly to 99%-5%. But something interesting happened. I got a phone call while the client was running, and I didn't stop it. While I was gabbing, I noticed the the cores were at 90% each (this was about 5 minutes after starting it up). Then, right in front of my eyes, the opposite core went to 99%, and the other dropped to 5%. I continued to watch it for 1-15 minutes longer, and the fully loaded core kept switching from core to core every 5 minutes or so. How odd. I'll be damned if I know what's going on.
It's an one, well beyond my paygrade.

Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
It seems awesome to me they do as well as they do... but what's the rush? I think the community might be better served by a slower and more measured approach to their releases... But hey, it's their play ground I'm just a beneficiary...":O}
Some days linux is a beautiful thing, Others it feels like a million monkeys hammering on keyboards.
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