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ADSL gone down hill

Is anyone else here in the uk and on ADSL?

THe last couple of weeks i have seen my download speeds plummet by half. I havn't noticed it as much a few weeks ago as i was plying more single player games, but as of late my pings in games have been stupidly erratic, ranging from the normal 38 up to >300 which is when i get kicked from some steam servers in tf2.

I have also noticed when downloading game updates from steam the download was usually 350KB/s now its just 170 if i'm lucky. Is anyone else experiencing smilar symptons?

IT was probably at it's worst last night, it was just me connected to the net according to my router and the wireless was disabled. Looking at BTs website and other speed testing websites this (about 1.4mb) is the most our phone can reach, but have been getting at least 3mb up until recently
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