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It's under wine, all I get with 185 and 190's is Unstable Machine error, after checking the folding forum and subsequent links, it is an nvidia issue that will not be fixed in the upcoming driver release. Folding Forum • View topic - 185 drivers?

paravirtualized guest support is disabled. I'm on 2.6.31 vanilla ATM which seems to have issues accepting the nvidia module from any driver but the 185's without a patch. The 2.6.30 kernel gave me the 50% CPU usage bug that you ran into so I scrapped it as well.. To tell you the truth, after many days of struggling with the move from i686 to x86_64 and finding that most of the issues I was having were coming from modified and/or patched source code, I kind of gave up on any beta, patched and experimental items on my rig. It took me 6 days of writing my own ebuilds and getting source code downloaded to my server so I could make my own local repo.

I think after I finish up the folding install project and the GPUDB I'm working on for AOA it will be time to put my own package together.
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