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Originally Posted by piccoLEW View Post
bt are the isp here. After my angsty email i called up their customer support line and explained the problem to the guy on the other end. They got me to do some testing and got them to do a more thorough test on our line, they found a fault and said within 48 hours you'll hear back from the networking team.

The next day saw an engineer up the pole in the morning and later in the afternoon, after which the speed seemed to have gotten better.

Using i've done a few tests and got 5 different results (avg 5.76) although most are around 6.1 - 6.2 which seems better than what i had before i reported the fault.

Although the chap i spoke to did a test from there and and said it was 7.616 which i find a bit exaggerated but will monitor for next 24 hours.
My basic understanding of ADSL connections tells me that connection speed on the pole will be higher than in your home, because its closer to the exchange.

Someone will need to confirm though, not positive.
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