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Originally Posted by danrok View Post
Elite was extremely impressive at the time.

The 3D graphics weren't all that impressive, but for me it was more the 3D perception of being able to travel around space, they pulled off that illusion very well. Plus, the ability to play the game in different ways, i.e. as a trader, or a bounty hunter, etc. No other game had done all of this.

What's more it was all done with just 48K of memory on my ZX Spectrum.
On the BBC, although the machine had 32K of RAM, some 10K of it disappeared to the graphical display, and the OS took a little for various buffers. Thus Elite had to run completely within less than 22K! It also used a split mode display, where the upper monochrome part was in one hardware configuration, and the lower colour part was in another.

The Spectrum, due to some interesting choices made by Sinclair, only used 4K of memory for it's display. Thus the 48K spectrum had closer to 44K of free memory.
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