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Originally posted by whatever
damn.. I've got fooled..
I've heard someone saying this from the other site and I believed it!! so this is joke then.. Nevermind my thread. I'm embarrased now.
I can't believe you fell for that. It's so tongue in cheek that it's almost impossible to take seriously.

"As a Dell spokesman told us, "You know, once you get called names on, your family sees it, your mother sees it, and everyone just gets upset, and there's tears, lawsuits, and a lot of general unhappiness. I have to spend a lot of time explaining to my Aunt Mae that there are no aliens, monsters under the bed, or satanic cults in our company. I really hate that Truck Jones. Ooh. Don't print that. He scares me. I think he is developing some sort of death ray. Ooh. Don't say that, too. Okay, interviews over.""

Please don't tell me you took that seriously.
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