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If you want some more information as to China's take on "cyber warfare" you could look at PLA Senior Colonels on Unrestricted Warfare: Part I.

I'll present the summary here:
Originally Posted by above URL
Two senior PLA Air Force colonels wrote "Unrestricted Warfare", presented here in summary translation, to explore how technology innovation is setting off a revolution in military tactics, strategy and organization. "Unrestricted Warfare" discusses new types of warfare which may be conducted by civilians as well as by soldiers including computer hacker attacks, trade wars and finance wars. "Unrestricted Warfare" provides insight into the thinking of some Chinese military theorists about the impact of science and technological change on China and other countries. Many Chinese books and magazines on military subjects have appeared this year. Overviews of three other recent books by a National Defense University Professor on innovations on the lessons of the Gulf and Kosovo wars along with his reflections on post-Kosovo U.S. - China relations are provided in the appendix to this first of four summaries of "Unrestricted Warfare".
With that in mind, are you surprised that China behaves the way it does?
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