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Originally Posted by Kaitain View Post
Nice site. It'd be interesting to see the original (untranslated) version, though it'll probably take me a week to decipher each paragraph *sigh*.
People are already talking as if the Chinese are going to "win", whatever that means. There seems almost to be a dull acceptance of the fact that Western society has reached it's zenith, and it's the turn of the Chinese to take over.
From my perspective, there is no "win" really. China needs the rest of the world as much as the rest of the world needs China. However, there are a lot of people who seem to be have conditioned into seeing China as "the enemy" (Well, at least one of the enemies!), and deciding that there's no way to compete against them.

You have to start wondering if some of this defeatist thinking is what brought other "great" civilisations down too?
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