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Maybe my cooling solution is better than yours but I have not seen temps over 62C on either of mine. I run the fans 50%-75% variable with a cooling profile I created in Rivatuner. I have not had the need to run the fans faster than that.

The slowest WUs I have seen run 3200ppd (I forget the project number), but most others run between 3500 and 3900 ppd. Both cards synch perfectly when they are on the same project number and the ppd is exactly the same. Several months ago there was a project that yielded 4100 ppd, but I think it was defective because the P# went away and I have not seen it since.

I do not overclock either the GPU or memory clocks. The shader clock is set to 1950 or so, I'm not at home ATM so I'm not certain of the exact setting. I have found that the shader clock is the only one that has a significant effect on folding operations, so I have no need to overclock the other settings.

As for heat being a problem, I have run at least 3000 WUs on each of these cards and I would guess that approximately 25 WUs have failed. And I live in a hot climate.
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