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Actually it didn't and still doesn't and you paid for it in (OH! So many ways.) Look how narrow it's made you concept of computing! "Auto Pilot" means that they install themselves just works... Now I realize that from time to time "Whim dozs" does actually work... sort of... But when it doesn't your stuck with it until Whim Doze Fixes it...or your just stuck with it...For-eve-er!

When Fedora doesn't please me I can go to Ubuntu when Unbuntu doesn't I move to Mint If Mint screws up I have a dozen recommendations I've been meaning to try...

It's not perfect but then It doesn't claim to be and doesn't charge like God left it in charge of the world... Linux has never cheated a bunch of kids out of their donated computers because they were to poor to buy a Whim Doze lic. And call Bill to beg him to let them use you must.

Now I do realize that a moral conviction is something yet to be born in most of my fellows... Yet I have faith that one day you will realize that the money you spend on MS products is the smallest price you must use them.

Perhaps you will also come to understand that the children of this world need you to stand up to Bill for them as they can't make it here alone... thanks in no small part to Bill's endless greed.

Linux reaches out in love to them and GIVES freely every thing it's got... Windose takes and only gives to those who have money.

I've used whim doze for many more years than you. I watched as MS lost any resemblance to a human solution

You've said on several occasions that because I once used Whim doze that I'm now ungrateful..because I despise the way they treat people ( what a laughable concept!)

Try this FANBOY! Try calling MS and telling them how long youve sucked up to them and how mindlessly loyal you've been! Then tell them you have fallen on hard times and would appreciate them giving you a copy for old times sake...

In this life you NEED to know who your friends are, who will come to your aid when you need them... Try and when they laugh at your poverty, when they sue you for needing what your to poor to pay for

Come back here and we can discuss weather you should become a thief and steal what you can't afford or weather it's better to find countless new friends who give you their very best work simply because you need them to...

My question is this...Will you engage me and my argument in a serious manner or will you run away and hide from the full implications of your choice ?

The children of this world will feel your answer which ever way you go...

We are in this world, though we didn't make it. If one lives under a terrible tyrant one must live with it, one has no choice. But one need not praise him for his tyranny! One need not pretend he is good nor just.... food for thought for those who feel the need to think about their actions and the attendant consequences of those actions... for those who care for others and want them to have a decent life more free than the life we were given...":O}
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
Justice is foundation and Mercy ETERNAL

"All that we do is touched by Ocean
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