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Originally Posted by Kaitain View Post
The second picture is a fair indicator that the upgrade was incomplete.

It sometimes happens with the universal installers for both fglrx and nv that they don't properly compile the glx core, with the result that you get a mismatch between the 2D driver and the 3D glx extension. If the two parts don't match, the 3D extension fails to load so you get a 2D-only display.

Common causes:
i) missing or out of date kernel headers
ii) /usr/src/linux points to a kernel source version different than your running kernel (my most common mistake).

To fix each in turn:
i) update/install kernel headers, which shouldn't be an issue with Fedora.
ii) check that your kernel version matches your source version:

If the output of uname -r matches everything after the linux- in the last bit of the symlink's output, then all's good there. If not, you should remake your symlink. If you don't have your current kernel's sources, then you'll always run into trouble with the nv installer.

iii) Mandrake (as was) used to have a bad habit of breaking the integrity of kernel headers, modules, libraries and kernel source, so that they were all on different versions at the same time. This was easily fixed thus:

As root, copy and paste this into the console, then come back after an hour:
if [ -a /proc/config.gz ]; then cd /usr/src/linux; make mrproper; zcat /proc/config.gz >>.config; make oldconfig && make modules; fi
This remakes your existing kernel leaving all the right headers and temporary files in all the right places, but does not install or overwrite anything. A small tweak makes it install the modules, if you have a really awkward system.

(note, I've not actually tested the shell script.)
(note 2: for chrisbard's benefit, it wasn't all that long ago that these forums were chock full of posts from unhappy windows users with ati graphics cards, who discovered that upgrading their catalyst drivers without first using a "catalyst killer" rendered their system unusable.)
I've bookmarked this thread for future ref...Thanks K!
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