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Originally Posted by ccperf721p View Post
The article doesn't give enough information to really make an informed opinion. At first glance I felt for the dude, then I read he also filed for financial loss due to not being able to sell his silver battle axe. Then again, I've been having to deal with the effects of our lowest common denominator society quite extensively over the last month so I'm starting to lose my compassion for the human race.
We are ALL always "starting to lose our compassion" Cliff. This is one of the main reasons that "The spiritual life is ALWAYS in crises."

We all must always struggle to find our selfs in our brothers or we lose our selfs in the things we think we know....
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
Justice is foundation and Mercy ETERNAL

"All that we do is touched by Ocean
Yet we remain on the shore of what we know."
Richard Wilbur

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