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Originally Posted by chrisbard View Post
Last time I checked games made by sony or any other company were a challenge for normal ppl at visual level in responsiveness and acurracy. Say I am a gamer with good eyesight but I cant coordonate my self and I can't get a kill because I can't aim in the short time that the game allowes one to shot because I have parkinson. Why not make games for those with parkinson btw?
Why are you looking for an excuse Chris? Why are you looking for a reason to turn your back on his situation? Would you be just too unhappy if there was a way for those with Parkinson's to play and the world decided that PS3 should implement it, so that they could??

What is it your afraid of here Chris? Last I checked you don't even have a PS3...So what is it your afraid will happen if the world bends over backwards to help those in need?

Why is it when ever people want to turn their backs on someone else's need they ask questions like "What if" when the person in need is already in a defined situation?

"What if" it was your son who was disable and looking for help, who wanted to play a game and there was a way he could, would you want Sony to make the effort then.... How deep must the knife go to touch your heart... I ask because each of us has a knife that waits for us and it ALWAYS finds us...unprepared...What if when your knife finds you I was there to help...would you take my hand?

Would you give your hand to another? What if we always did? ":O}
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