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Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
We are ALL always "starting to lose our compassion" Cliff. This is one of the main reasons that "The spiritual life is ALWAYS in crises."

We all must always struggle to find our selfs in our brothers or we lose our selfs in the things we think we know....
It's a fine line we are walking right now. At what point do we decide to infringe on the freedom of others to cater to a small percentage that wants something. Gaming isn't a needed item, so no need to attach any drama or build up on it. I also believe that any entity, be it private or corporate, should also have the right to say no to anyone's requests or demands. Seems these days most people believe in "Free Speech" as long as they are the one's doing the talking..

I'd like to see the blind man enjoy a video game, but as I said we really don't have any idea what he's asking for. It may be a massive undertaking, or it could be a few lines of code.

I have a similar situation right now. I need an already existing linux app to do something it is not set up to do. The author does not take feature or change requests, but the source code is readily available. I have ordered a couple of books on programming and will learn how to make that app do what I want then throw it back out there, if someone could use it, great, if not they are free to do with it as I did.(what could be called a third party addon). This is my idea of a proper free society. Helping others by learning and striving to do more on your own and for those like you...

P.S. I wanted to fight in the UFC, but it turns out that my Jujitsu is not anywhere near a professionally trained fighters Gracie taught jujitsu.. Some wants are just out of reach. That's how life works, get used to it.
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