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Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
I DO understand what you are saying. I see no mean spiritedness in what you are saying. Limitation not only exists for all things, but limitation is THE perquisite for the existence of all things, without it the universe would only dissolve into the boundless.

So the matter at hand hinges upon determining where and how far we should go in the setting of limits, good conduct and compassion depend upon this. My position when seen in this light is simple, we should do all we can to help one another with out injury to the good of the whole.

As you've said the matter at hand is not yet what I am arguing for is a proper stance before that matter, a correct grounds upon which it can be decided once all the pieces fall into place.

What I have objected to are several posts ( Not yours) that seemed to me to be rather heartless and mean spirited, eager to say no and to justify saying no those in need on the grounds that later they or others might ask for the absurd. ( A blind man wanting a drivers lic. etc.)

My effort then has been to try to awaken compassion in those who put froward such an approach by demonstrating that in the end, we all need help at one time or another and all that give us the right to accept such help is our willingness to give it.
You are going about it all wrong though. You are trying to use reason and intellect against a guy that uses Windows by choice. Unless you stoop to his level and start using words like "kewl" or ROTFLMAOBBQ you don't have a chance..
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