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How to violate forum rules with advertsing

SWF files can be generated from within several Adobe products: Flash, Flex Builder (an IDE), as well as through MXMLC, a command line application compiler which is part of the freely available Flex SDK. Other than Adobe products, SWFs can be built with open source Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler (MTASC), the open source Ming library, the free software suite SWFTools, and the proprietary SWiSH Max2. There are also various third party programs that can produce files in this format, such as Multimedia Fusion 2. You can put swf video on your web or personal space. But first you should have swf files on your computer.

The following will show you a step by step guide to accomplish 3gp/avi/mp4/wmv/mpeg/mts/mov to swf conversion. It is as sample as 16-4-92-hut!-hut!. All video formats conversion can be done with the converter.

Install and launch I'mTooStupidAndCheapToPayForRealAdvertising EverythingUnderTheSunPlusSomeFormatsIJustMadeUp Converter.

STEP 1: Add File

Click "Add File" button on the toolbar or "File > Add File" to load files.

STEP 2: Choose output format

Choose the file, click "Profile" drop-down button to choose the formats you need, then click "Browse" button to choose destination folder for saving output files.

Step 3: Convert

After choosing the format, you only need to click "start" button on the toolbar to complete the task.
Ok, the above is the easiest operation for your conversion with EverythingUnderTheSunPlusSomeFormatsIJustMadeUp Converter.

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