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Memory of course. They still sell DDR 400 PC3200 at

CPU, maybe, depends on how fast your old CPU is. Pentium 4's are harder to find brand new and are fairly hot.

But Graphics Card? Yes yes yes... still sells AGP cards and they are pretty fast! I've got a Radeon 9800 Pro that runs most games 2006 and under, but there are some faster cards at newegg that increase clock speeds memory interface.
Radeon HD 3850 AGP
I wouldn't mind getting two of these for my old P4 systems.

Audio card isn't too much of an upgrade since most motherboards come with on-board audio, so I'll rule that one out.

Power Supply is a concern because after 4-6 years of gaming, graphics, internet, on/off, on/off.... It may be a smart purchase to ensure another 4-6 years.

Hard Drive is a smart call because you never know when it done. Hard drives are so cheap for 200-500 Gigs that it is an easy upgrade. As long as you still have the activation code for Windows XP that is...

The only other thing to upgrade would be that old CRT monitor!
$120 will get you an Acer 19 inch widescreen LCD

I didn't add all of it up, but it should be Roughly $330.00 for hard drive, LCD, video card & memory.
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