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Smile Gigabyte MB conundrum

I got this system for $3 so don't ask me why I am using such an old computer ;-)

It has the GA-7zx Revision 1.01 MB with an 850mhz Duron Spitfire CPU.

It has 256MB ram, 2mb video, running xp. Runs good except problem with slow and stalled videos under vlc 8.6i. Have to close almost all other apps to run videos and then some still will stall or run in spurts. Performance monitor shows cpu is maxing out during this.

The MB supports increments to 133mhz on the fsb via dip switches, but the chipset and cpu are limited to 100mhz according to gigabyte support, which has not always given the correct answers.

Support says that easytune is not supported by this board. Are there any software overclocking tools I can use that work with this board?
Could not find anything specifically for this board at setfsb home site, plus it is written in Japanese. Is the program also in Japanese or just the readme.txt file? Are there any other programs that will work for this board where i can temporarily overclock under XP?

What is the best way to make videos and other stuff on this board run faster? The memory does not seem to max out, even non paged memory is most always available, but the video ram might be a bottleneck?

Any good feedback welcomed, thanks.
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