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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
Welcome to AOA! Thanks for dropping in.

You are asking an 850 MHz Duron CPU to decode a video stream in real time, and then shovel the data created by that decoding process across the PCI bus to the on-board video card using programmed I/O.

That's not a reasonable thing to do. I would expect even a modern CPU would find that to be a tall order, because of the limitations imposed by the data transport mechanism being used to the video card.

A more modern video card can perform the decoding and playback right on the card, as well as being able to do DMA transfers, meaning that the data transfer bottleneck becomes much less significant.
Yeah, thanks, I did some more reading on video cards and I think your correct. One thing that I am concerned about is matching the video card to the system, as it might draw more power than tha old Matrox Millenium that's in there? I am sure this is where the bottleneck is, else it would not occur only on running videos. By "data transport system" are you referring to the lack of memory or video card bus or both? Where exactly is the bottleneck? Also will updating the drives to this video card give much of an improvement. I notice there are drivers a couple years younger than the ones I am using. Thanks for all the good replies and welcomes, feels like the old internet of bygone days.
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