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Actually, I have never messed with the "internet time". I'll check it.
Ok, I changed it like you wrote. We'll see if I get another error.

Gizmo - Most of the drivers were already on the Windows XP disc except for my Expansion Card drivers. What is weird, are the drivers for my VIA networking chip were on the Windows XP disc too, but there was an update through Windows Update to install new drivers. Last night I messed with it some more and it finally updated, slow, but still downloaded and installed. I even updated to Service Pack 3.

One more thing... I ran Linux Mint off the CD and did some networking tests. I downloaded a 200 MB file and it was fine. I also copied some files from the server (LAN) that took a minute and worked fine. So I'm almost sure its Windows XP Pro.

I could download more drivers for the motherboard VIA chip and see if they are working better, but remember I already tried a network expansion card and it had the same problem.
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