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Here are the recent steps I have taken for more troubleshooting

1. Re-installation of Windows XP Pro again - everything installed just fine, connected to the internet and installed all of the updates (except service pack 3 because it takes 3 hours to install)

2. Unplugged Floppy drive & case fan to allow more power to hard drive, DVD & Video card - still receiving same 1335 error when installing games. No change at all

3. Used Power Supply tester - Everything checks out (even I don't totally know how to use it) except the 20 pin for the motherboard shows the +12volt pins as 11.6volts. I don't know if this is a problem, but all the other pins had full voltage.

4. Installed newer BIOS, ethernet & chipset drivers

Here is an interesting symptom. Its the same problem with network connection timing out. Everything worked fine after installing windows. Thats why I could download all updates without a problem. BUT, when I manually set a local IP address and connect to my Linux server, I can see the files & folder and copy something, but it times out. After that I can't connect to the internet via windows automatic settings.
Very strange because I never have this problem with my other 3 computers. Only this one.

Let me know if anyone has an idea. I would like to get this one running with games by Jan 16 because I am running a LAN party.

I'm willing to purchase a new power supply. This one is about 6 years old and is probably 300 watts or so.
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