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You may be right about IP conflicts, but how has it worked fine for the last 2 years?
Here are my settings:

All computer have a manual Preffered & Alternate DNS settings (taken from ISP); all have Subnet Mask:

1. Linux server
2. Dungeon Case
3. Internet Machine: either automatic(internet) or (local)
4. Frozen Case
5. Extra gaming machine
6. Extra gaming machine
7. Laptop

The 8-port switch handles all the communication on the LAN and one channel from the cable modem.
So, the Switch is always blinking from the internet packets.
When I need one of the other computers to get internet, I just set the internet computer to manual and then reboot the modem. It works great. Sometimes I have to reboot the modem 2 or 3 times, but it has worked fine.
Maybe I just need a better modem.

Also, my work has a similar setup, but they use a firewall to set the IP addresses. No router, just a nice Firebox Edge and two Switches.
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