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Some Success Some Other Issues

The old machine made it through the LAN party!
I did have some issues that I have not experienced in my network and on that machine.
We played:
1. Half-Life 2 deathmatch
2. The Ship
3. Smoking Guns
4. Battlefield 2
5. Team Fortress 2

They all ran pretty good.
The old machine did lock up twice. Once during setup before the LAN party and once during the gaming.
Strange this is... I could only shut down by pressing the power button. The mouse would still work but nothing else.

The other symptom was very strange stuttering in the games. I noticed it with every game that night. I have never seen that before in a 100Mbps LAN party.

Ironicly I was reading an article in CPU magazine and the writer mentioned a chipset dying.
So I was thinking these problems are not related to Windows, Games, Drivers or software.... at least from all the troubleshooting I have been through.

I wonder if the chipset is overheating or just plain dying?

I don't want to replace the motherboard but that would still be cheaper than purchasing a whole new computer.
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