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Exclamation HP Pavilion dv5

A friend of mine from work had lost her laptop as in it's no longer working. I will start by telling you guys what I did so far.

1. Tested the laptop with 1 piece of memory in it
2. Removed the CR2032E
3. Checked this page Troubleshooting Blink Codes or Beep Codes During Startup or Boot HP Pavilion dv5-1120ed Entertainment Notebook PC - HP technical support (Russian Federation - English)
4. Checked this video which comes in handy YouTube - How to take apart your HP Pavilion DV5 Laptop Timelapse

So far no go and from the blink codes the one that matches is 1 Caps Lock/Num Lock CPU CPU not functional

My question is do I open up the laptop to extract the cpu and clean dust and put it back in or its not worth the hassle?

She said she was downloading some stuff when the mouse stopped responding and she was not using the battery (god knows why) so the laptop was on AC and when she saw she could not restart the PC (the keyboard was working she didn't knew how to restart it from kb) she just unplugged the laptop. After that the laptop didn't start again. Lights come on DVD is spinning as in checking for disc but thats all.
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