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Lightbulb DV5 blink code Diagnostics

Originally Posted by Áedán View Post
The irony of the blink codes, is that for them to show, the CPU has to be working enough. The BIOS is executed on the CPU, so no CPU -> no checks.
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this forum but id like to share my knowledge on this situation as Ive had the exact same problem.

I own a DV5-1125nr (the Bronze edition) and it is in this exact same scenario. For me, it started with a defective heatsink which was causing my entire computer to shut down after like 20 minutes due to heat problems. The computer was working fine at this point.
Tore apart the laptop, replacing the heatsink, and checking to make sure no other part of the computer was contributing to heat issues. Nothing else appeared to be wrong, so i buttoned it back up and then i received the consistent blink error.
Did lots of research, and according to HP, it means the CPU is defective. (Aedan, while i agree with your statement, it is NOT true in the case of this HP problem. I bench-tested the MB with no CPU and the blink codes still appear, which means the error reporting system is CPU-independent) so i ordered a new CPU, in the meantime upgrading it to a better one. After i replaced the CPU, same thing. Replaced memory as well, that was not the problem. Continued to have blink codes.
Next thought would be the motherboard. Bought a new MB and replaced the supposedly "bad" MB with the "good" motherboard. didn't change a thing. both boards have the same result. Constant blinking of Caps/num lock lights. I was VERY unhappy. tried several different compatible hardware combos with no luck on any of them.

I finally gave up and actually took my computer to a repair shop to get it fixed. (i felt like a total idiot) The shop i took it to is independently owned by a guy in like his mid 20s who works on laptops ONLY, so id figure he'd be better to go to that a traditional repair shop.
When i got there i explained to him the problems i was experiencing, and the reply i got was interesting. First, he thanked me for bringing it in because 1 week ago, he received a DV7 equivalent model having the same problem. He could not (and still cannot) figure it out. My computer must have "confirmed" that he wasn't seeing things. So obviously this is a somewhat common problem. I have yet to get it back, but until then I'm stuck using my netbook (also HP) which works for now, but as you probably know a netbook can only go so far before you need a full-sized notebook. (i use lots of intensive applications; put on hold until laptop repaired)

Just thought I'd share my self-diagnostic results with you guys in hopes of helping you solve the problem. If you do manage to solve it, please let me know as I am eager to get my laptop back to working order

If I hear any information from the shop about fixing it, ill repost to inform you of it.

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