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CPU swap

Originally Posted by booman View Post
Thats crazy.
Sounds like a wives-tale...
hop backwards, tap your head and count to 100, then it will work.
I'm glad the tech swapped CPU, the process of elmimination is usually a good place to start, but I know you already did that (except the CPU's of course).
Keep us updated.
Actually, i did do that. i bought a new processor with the same socket (upgrading it to a better clock speed) and i plugged it in with no luck. NEW processor, OLD board. now i take the OLD processor NEW board, no luck. NEW processor NEW board, same thing. with the given combo of hardware, i cant believe that it worked in a DV7! I'm all for HP's laptop design on the outside, but their hardware quality outright sucks. techs shouldnt have to go through all of these hurdles to repair them. Such a shame.

Yes i will keep you updated as soon as the guy gets back with me. I might stop there tomorrow to give the guy my ORIGINAL board and CPU, as a laptop motherboard without the rest of the parts is completely useless to me. I will also see if he can take a processor from another PC (possibly that same DV7) and put it in mine to see if it fixes it. At this point, its anybodys guess...
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